Enjoyment and Growth

It’s the maturity and intelligence of Jennifer’s practice that makes her an extraordinary teacher and coach. She teaches in such a way that allows for every individual to progress along their own path. Add to this wisdom, her kindness and her smile and you have a real recipe for enjoyment as well as growth. Entering this next phase of life with someone like Jenn on your side makes me feel both lucky and blessed.


Jenn was our guide both mentally and physically through two very different births. Her calm and easy nature kept me and my husband relaxed and focused. Jenn’s thorough explanations of what to expect before and during birth gave me confidence while pregnant and during the birth process, that I believe led to two very positive (though imperfect) birth experiences, ones I’d never ever change.

Finding Beauty in the Process

Both my births ended up being cesareans, neither planned. Especially after the first, feeling like such a failure, Jenn helped me find the beauty in our process. Through our conversations, I learned the ever important first lesson of parenting, that it’s nice to go into things with a plan, but that you’ve got to let go of expectations and be flexible. I actually used many labor techniques to do with breathing and focusing that Jenn had taught me to get through the first few weeks of having a brand new person to take care of. I still hear her wise reminders and realize my time with her was well spent, even though I didn’t birth vaginally. Her support really reached much farther than that.

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