The word ‘doula’ comes from the Greek and means a ‘woman who serves’. This is who I am.

Historically women birthed surrounded by mothers, sisters, aunties, and other women in their community. There was exceptional wisdom and value in such a communal approach and today birth doulas are experiencing a real resurgence. Doulas really bridge the gap between the modern, medical model of birth and the ancient, natural model of birth. With our understanding of the physiology of birth and the needs of laboring women, birth doulas support women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum. We do this by offering continuous, informational, emotional, and sometimes physical support as well as an objective perspective.

Doula Benefits | Jennifer Wert

Research shows, with doula support, there’s:

  • 50% fewer cesarean deliveries
  • 50% less time in labor
  • 90% less use of epidural
  • Decreased use of all pain medications
  • Greater satisfaction with the birth experience
  • Higher Apgar scores in the first five minutes
  • Increased success with breastfeeding
  • Stronger attachment bonds between baby and parents
  • Fewer cases of postpartum depression/anxiety