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In the Iyengar spirit, I’m always encouraging my students to play with working sharply while letting go, at once to widen and narrow, to be both strong and flexible, to do and not do. I teach them how to break their body up into parts, while teaching them how to integrate from head to toe. It takes a humble, inquisitive eye inward to be able to raise one’s body IQ like this, to create space in both the body and mind.

Through their practice, my students attempt to turn lights on in their bodies, in places that have not only been dark but perhaps they’ve never even looked before – to deliberately move, not just stretch.

I work primarily with women, in all stages of their lives. However, many of my students are approaching motherhood – such a unique phase of life. I work with women who want to conceive to promote their fertility, with women prenatally as well as women postpartum. Through the lens of a birth doula, I’m able to help my students cultivate a healthy pregnancy, prepare for the birth experience they envision, heal fully and restore their energy as mothers. Yoga has the potential to not only enhance the spiritual, personal journey of pregnancy but to make delivery and recovery easier.

In much the same way, Iyengar Yoga allows all of us to work from the inside out, to find our center, catch glimpses of our truest self, learn our boundaries, increase stamina, nurture poise and fortify our organic body. It’s my true honor to teach.


“Jennifer is a knowledgeable, kind and conscientious teacher who provides an individualized approach to managing your fertility. Not only did my practice with her help regulate my cycles, balance my body and relax my mind so I could conceive, but Jenn was then also there to provide me with important tools to support my pregnancy, even after we moved away. We miss her but are glad to know we can be in touch anytime, tap into her knowledge and still feel her support.”

Iyengar Yoga | Jennifer Wert

“Jenn brings a warm heart and depth of knowledge to her teaching. Trained by the best, she uses detailed instruction to carefully guide students to better understand their own bodies and the infinite benefits benefits of yoga. Working with her, I always felt safe though challenged; I felt new after each session. She’s not kidding when she talks about creating space – I know for a fact, Jenn helped me to do this. To create enough for a new life to come in!”

Iyengar Yoga Testimonial | Jennifer Wert

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To schedule a private or semi-private session with Jennifer in her intimate home studio, in Boulder’s historic Chautauqua neighborhood, please email her directly at: jenniferlwert@gmail.com.

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