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It’s my belief newborns need time to acclimate to the outside world and as such and if possible, ought to be fed when they’re hungry. This creates a lot less sleep for Mamas, of course. But, its importance outweighs the benefits of this initial setup.

At the same time, Mamas must sleep during the day, as much as they can, while baby sleeps. As symbiotic as they are in the womb, babies are this way for years. When it’s time for a routine to be put into place, enjoy this process. Make it special, simple in its parts but warm in its nature. Make it much earlier than you think is reasonable, even, yes, if it’s still sunny out. It’ll be the healthiest choice you’ll make. And truly, it’ll pave the way for honoring sleep in your family in a way that’s real and deep.

Sleep is when babies do they’re growing; it’s invaluable for everyone in these years…Please make a virtual appointment today to chat through what the fourth trimester can look like, and more ideas on sleep.

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