Getting to Know Your Lady Parts

Empowerment of our girls begins with empowering ourselves. Be assertive and use scientific language. Let go of shame. To embrace who you are.

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Bringing Up Baby

Great information for new parents from NPR's Hidden Brain podcast. Book a free session with me for prenatal or postnatal virtual doula support.

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The Whole-Heartedness of Being a ‘Mum’

The whole-heartedness of being a 'Mum'. Beauteous. "Hollie McNish is a poet who writes about motherhood - from morning sickness and breastfeeding in public to the impossibility of ever finishing…

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Mind Positive Parenting

Mind Positive Parenting - a super neat resource to have up your sleeve. Using brain science to inform their work, they are ones to trust in how to raise healthy,…

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The Importance of Sleep

Sleep - a big one. Eileen Henry is the name to have up your sleeve as a parent. Her compassionate, creative help will help you find your own family's rhythm.…

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