As a doula, I have the honor of empowering women to hold true to their beautiful, inner voice as they enter motherhood.

Jennifer Wert
What I do as a Virtual Birth Doula
From Local Doula to Virtual Doula

I love what I do as a trained doula birth coach and am thrilled to now share my enthusiasm and experience with pregnant women worldwide. For over a decade, I’ve been a birth doula, working closely with women locally in Boulder, Colorado. It’s been my honor to support over a hundred women through their transition into motherhood. In looking at how I’ve successfully done so, I’ve realized it’s only partly by attending their births. The other ways I offer support are just as personal, and just as important…

Preparation for birth is made up of lots of discussions around facts, choices, life experiences, life skills, ideals, fears, presence, support, and letting go. Of course, we discuss ways to facilitate labor and comfort measures. However, the conversations are much more nuanced than this. They’re enlightening, thought-provoking, and evidence-based. I help ensure that informed decisions are made throughout pregnancy and birth, that partners feel prepared to coach and that the birthing woman advocates for herself the whole way through.

If I’m present at birth, I’m there to allow the laboring woman to focus inward, to do the work her body already knows how to do, and to allow her partner (if she has one) to be at his/her best. If I’m not, and I’m used only as support leading up to birth, I do very much the same work. I’m the same sounding board. I prepare clients for their labor and delivery and to bring baby home, with the same intentions, helping to create an empowering experience and a happy set of memories.

Our consultations, whether we work together in person and I attend your birth, or we work together from a distance, will consist of asking questions, careful listening, suggested ‘think-abouts’, sharing resources, and helping sort out options and ideas without judgment or ulterior motive. I realize our friends and the Internet have all sorts of answers. However, I believe women need and benefit most from talking with a trusted, experienced professional who has the time, passion, and patience to consider who they are, and the intimate nature of both pregnancy and birth.

Doula's help bring out a woman's inner wisdom

All women have inner wisdom. My work is to offer unbiased, balanced support that inspires them to really trust this wisdom, throughout pregnancy and into the raw, incredible experience of birth. Our bodies know what they need and how to have a baby. It’s a matter of listening to that knowledge.