Birth Doula Jennifer Wert


My professional path, which has spanned education, health & wellness, business, and event planning has woven these themes together. Today, in my birth work, I integrate my passions with my strongest skills as a teacher, personal coach, and health professional. Helping women and couples transition into parenthood is a meaningful calling and an honor.

I have a Master’s degree in Education and have taught my whole life. I am a DONA licensed birth doula, a Reiki II Practitioner, and a certified Iyengar yogini. With well-rounded life experience and a deep dedication to my clients, I work honestly and with compassion. If I don’t know something, I’ll tell you. If I hear something I think is important for you to think further about, I’ll let you know. If you’re looking for respectable resources, I’ll direct you toward them. If you want to come up with a list of questions for your health care provider, I’m happy to help. What you get from me is up to you. I ‘start from where you are’. To me, this is the only way to truly educate.

Whether you envision a natural childbirth or not, I can be of support. Whether you like yoga or not, I can help. Whether you have a partner or don’t, I understand (I’ve done both). Whether you know what you want or not, I can help you look at what matters most and trust that changing your mind is also okay. Whether you live in a big city, or on the plains, whether you are in the next state or across the globe, I’m here. As your ‘virtual’ doula, I’m easy to access, relate to, and connect with. It’s my privilege to be of support.

Doula - mother and child

When I’m not meeting with mamas-to-be or new parents, helping them embrace what’s coming, I’m likely to be found reveling in my own role as a mother. I design fairy houses, play pretend, make art, and dance with my darling daughter. We spend a lot of time outdoors exploring nature, riding bikes, swimming, climbing, hiking, and having adventures with our hound and other loved ones here at the foot of the mountains. Besides being a consultant and teacher, I’m an avid writer, reader, yogini and artist.